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Insurance Information

Crozet Pediatric Therapy is out of network with all insurance companies. This provides us more flexibility and freedom in the way that we can support your child.

We do understand that paying for physical therapy can be a large investment, so here is some additional information on how you may offset the cost.​

Instructions on finding out if services may be covered:

1. Call the customer service # on your insurance card and request to speak with a customer service provider. 

2. Ask them to quote your PT benefits to see an out of network provider.

3. If you do not have out of network benefits you can ask about “Gap Specialty Coverage” or “Network Deficiency Coverage” for PT services.

4. It may also be important to find out if you have a deductible and how much of it has been met. 

5. Ask the percentage of reimbursement of these services and if there is anything specific they require on the superbill (e.g. “GP modifier)

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