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How to Work With Us

Evaluation - $225

A 55-minute session in your home. Parent participation is required. You child will be evaluated using a variety of assessment tools and measures. Based on this, a care plan will be designed.

Follow Up Session - $130

An in-home visit. The physical therapist will implement treatments and activities to appropriately progress towards your child’s short and long term goals. Tests and measures will be implemented as needed to continually assess progress.  Parents are encouraged to participate.

Virtual Evaluation - $120

A 55-minute virtual consultation with parent and child. The physical therapist will walk you through some measures to gain knowledge on limitations and skills. A series of exercises and activities will be implemented in order to create a thorough home exercise program and goals. Frequency recommendation will be determined at the end of the visit and discussed with the parents.

Virtual Visit - $65

A 30-miinute follow up virtual meeting with the physical therapist, parent and child. Since the physical therapist is not able to be hands on this session focuses heavily on parent education and guiding parents through appropriate activities and exercises to implement with their child. If the child is older and independent and working on something such as strength and coordination, the physical therapist will instruct him or her in appropriate exercises without parent involvement required.

Packages - Available Both In-Person and Virtually

Baby fundamentals 
(0-5 months)  

2, 45 minute sessions

Learn the fundamental building blocks of baby gross motor development and ways to encourage tummy time, rolling, and pre-crawling skills.

Foundations of Crawling
(5-10 months)

3, 45 minutes sessions

Learning to Walk
(9-12 months)

3, 45 minutes sessions

  • If the evaluation reveals a treatment diagnosis such as muscular asymmetry, decreased strength, or a developmental concern and services are recommended post-package that following prices won’t be reduced. 

  • These packages are for children who do not have specific concerns and to support parents in encouraging their development. Therefore they are not reimbursable through insurance. 

  • If treatment is warranted past the packaged classes, a formal PT evaluation will be performed and sent to the child’s PCP and a superbill will then be eligible for insurance reimbursement.


  • Payments accepted: Health Savings Account, credit card, cash, check 

    • If the session is shortened due to child fatigue, etc. the full price is still due. 

    • Payment due at time of visit.

  • Cancellation policy: 

    • Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance to avoid a $50 cancellation fee. In order to avoid the cancellation fee please reschedule the visit or schedule a virtual make up session.

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